Through his works, Michal Mráz cleverly mixes together the world of street art culture and high art. This approach is reflected also in his technique – a combination of traditional oil and acrylic painting, with the use of spray paint and stencils. His work is formally and thematically hybrid, often combining incongruous elements into one whole. His work is characterised by a multiple-level narration. The intensity of his paintings lies within the simultaneous impact of the whole on the eye of a viewer; that restlessly wanders from one motif to another, unable to pause. The restlessness, or some kind of inner uncertainty related to an impossibility to grasp (decode and understand) a seen reality oversaturated with visual noise refers to themes present in Mráz`s work; the deconstruction, the reconstruction of a society, a certain fascination with globalization, the control of the individual as much in the public as in the private sphere, demonstrate a critical reflexion on the state of society.

Born 1987 in Bratislava - Lives & works in Slovakia.